We are a small business here in Bradenton FL, Out searching for new customers every day to help our business grow, and to continue satisfying our customers.  With SMITH’S HOME PAINTING we try to offer a verity of paint options to our customers. We use Behrs paint and Sherwin-williams paint products which always offers an out standing finish. When we say a verity  we are talking about the sheen, in other words the “Paint finish”.

  The sheen is most important when it comes to painting. The sheen is what makes things stand out most, Good and BAD! Sheen is also important for which areas we are painting, like the kitchen Vs the Ceiling. We would never use a Flat sheen on the kitchen walls, why? A flat finish can always give a wonderful paint job and make a room really pop, but in the kitchen you are constantly cooking, so that being said a flat sheen finish does not offer  very much repellant as a gloss paint or even satin paint. A flat paint you would not be able to clean, as to a semi gloss paint or a satin paint you would be able wipe of the grease, dirt, and grime with soap & water.

In a bathroom and kitchen we would use satin or semi-gloss paint do to moister. These two types of paint would last a lot longer and are easy cleaning. When it comes to the ceiling we use a flat white ceiling paint. For high traffic areas like hallways and a child’s room we would use semi-gloss or satin paint for easy clean up. Know when it comes to master bed rooms, dinning rooms, living rooms, and closets we can use which ever type off of sheen you desire. We do like to stay away from HIGH GLOSS on walls do the facts of the sheen. When HIGH GLOSS is applied to the walls it gives off a high gloss finish or mirror like finish. That being said all the imperfections would really pop out, and it will really pop out the darker the color you use. When it comes to base boards, doors, frames, and crown molding we like to use a high gloss which as an outstanding appearance. When you use a white high gloss on base boards and crown molding it really makes a room POP! The appearance of that room really shows the difference in sheens. You will have a flat white ceiling with high gloss crown molding, with a low-lustering wall and high gloss base boards really shows the contrast between the colors and sheens themselves. But if you want one sheen through the house that is fine. We paint inside and out side Homes, apartments, and condos.

We appreciate your time and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us! Thank you!